Portable Pilates Bar Kit, Yoga Pilates Stick(2 pack)

$66.56 USD

Portable Pilates Bar Kit, Yoga Pilates Stick with Resistance Band, Home Gym Pilates Yoga Exercise Bar with Foot Loop for Total Body Workout, with Yoga Socks

PORTABLE PILATES BAT: Portable design, fitness bar section design, detachable, easy to carry. It can be used at home, in the gym or in the office. Pilates are made of high quality steel, which is not easy to bend and break.

DURABLE AND SUPER ELASTIC RESISTANCE BELT: .The diameter of the resistance rope is 1cm, which is high elasticity, not easy to deform and not afraid of fracture. It can replace the elastic band, barbell and waist twisting machine to carry out the whole body exercise, with high safety and convenient storage. You can adjust the length by tying one end of the resistance rope to achieve different training intensity.

THICK AND COMFORTABLE FOAM: .The foam wrapped above the pull rod is 5mm thick, which is soft and comfortable without peculiar smell, so as to prevent the cocoon of the hand during the movement.

WIDE PEDALS & COMPLIMENTARY YOGA SOCKS: We widened the pedals of the elastic band to make them less cramped. We also give you a pair of Yoga socks, which can protect your feet and keep them warm during exercise.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL INTEGRATED DESIGN: You can use resistance band workout to carry on various training movements, which can replace the barbell to exercise the back and arm muscle. It can exercise the leg and back muscle instead of pull rope and exercise the waist and abdomen by twisting the waist movement. It serves as the yoga auxiliary as well.

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